Lockyer Valley Concrete Solutions


The Lockyer Valley Concrete Solutions team listen to you, work with you and customize concrete pumping solutions for you. Whether it’s residential patios and driveways or large commercial projects, they can help.

Wagners full-time technical support function determines standard and specialised concrete mix designs to meet customer requirements and provides raw material and concrete testing through on and offsite NATA accredited materials laboratories. Wagners are also able to provide site specific risk assessments and inspections of plant, machinery and construction activities.

Council has engaged VFG Skateparks to design a major extension to the Gatton skatepark based on community consultation and advice from industry experts. Construction is expected to commence in the New Year. For more information visit the project page.

One more method for lessening epitomized carbon in concrete Lockyer Valley Concrete Solutions is to utilize more reused totals and stay away from abuse of virgin totals, which require energy-serious transportation. A review dispatched by the Portland Concrete Affiliation found that a run of the mill concrete and substantial plant can save the greater part of its exemplified carbon by utilizing 100% reused total.

Involving concrete in development can assist with diminishing the energy utilized for warming and cooling by restricting the size of mechanical and electrical frameworks required. Its regular acoustic exhibition additionally assists with keeping clamor levels low, which is significant in metropolitan regions.

When contrasted with other structure materials, concrete is extremely practical for the Engineer, with its lower first and long haul financial expenses, more elevated level of energy proficiency and future reuse open doors should inhabitants change. Cement can likewise be intended to stylishly please, with an emotional exhibit of varieties and completions that are difficult to accomplish with different materials.