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disabled parking badge


hi everyone

just wondering if anyone has a disabled parking badge my gp said i should apply for one

claire x

my daughter has one - but mainly on the basis of her sight having beeing so badly affected.  However many people get them for many reasons - if your gp has suggested it then give it a try.  Free parking is no bad thing!

My daughter has one too. She uses a wheelchair when she is just too tired to walk or her legs just won't co-ordinate! :x2

Everyday is different but we were told to base the application on her worst 'symptom' day.

If you have a look at this link, it tells you what the conditions are to qualify for a Blue Badge in the UK.


IF you have a disabled blue badge for parking you can....

apply to get the congestion charge free
you need to be careful parking in london - each borough has different rules eg you cannot park on yellow lines in london , you often don't get concessions, sometimes just the first hour free etc
you can park in on street permit parking rg residents parking
always best to check with a parking warden if you can

is the rough guide to accessibily inn the uk and should be free to blue badge holders

hi claire.
         yes you can apply for a blue badge i have got one you need to tell them what its like on a really bad day and it costs ten pounds for 3 yrs just go to your local town hall they fill it out there and then for u you need proof of id and two letters with your address and two photos(passport ones)
hope this helps maria xx :smile


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