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Residual headaches

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Hi folks

saw my neuro today and told him my symptoms were worse than before shunt.

He had a look at my eyes and said the icp was normal you're suffering from residual headaches.

I begged him for a lp but no was the answer. Go away and I'll see you in 4 months and don't take any painkillers.

Has anyone else been told this.

I also take more meds ie diamox amytriptiline than I did pre shunt.

i dont have a shunt but his is exactly what my neuro said on tuesday. my visuals and headaches bad for 2 weeks now but after using her torch thing to look in my eyes she said pressurs normal residual headaches and im to stop the painkillers..yeah right!!

Hi petal  :wave

Lana's eyes are NOT an indicator of raised ICP  :nono. Yes she had acute pap when she was diagnosed but even before her shunt she had LP's of 30+ without Pap or indeed any really bad visual problems.

We were told that the pain she is in now was due to 'shunt dynamics'  :?, meaning her body has to settle in to it - get used to it....errr no. It seems her shunt is kinked - intermittently blocking and then overdraining! Not sure she will ever get used to THAT! :x2

I think - as I said before - you need a new Neuro!

Sending  :hugss :hugss
Nat xx

I've had my VP shunt for 2.5 yrs and am still waiting for my body to get used to it!

LG - I have struggled since the shunt was fitted to get someone to accept I'm still not ok, if this was my first shunt I think I may have accepted things but after having a normal life with a shunt for 17 yrs I am fighting to get some answers. It's been hard as since this one went in I have gone through the motions, had the setting lowered to the lowest setting, been back to the neuro, then back to the surgeon, now waiting ICP monitoring. In the end the thing that got their attention was a daily diary of about 3 mths saying how I was, whether I had been able to go to work etc. Unfortunately you have to play the game and get your evidence behind you. A lot of people of here see a shunt as the answer and it isn't always.

Good luck

Hi Lyn

I ended up in A&E on Sunday as I couldn't stand the pain anymore and eventually got a LP which opening pressure was 30.

I'm now booked in for shunt revision on the 26th.

Hopefully this time it will give me back a bit of normality like I had Dec/Jan



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