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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering does anyone drink when using diamox (acetazolamide).  I am not a drinker and would usually have a glass of wine the odd time during the year.  I have been told by doctors that you shouldn't drink while on the tablets.  I am going out with my friends for my sisters birthday and I was wondering if anyone has had a drink of alcohol if so let me know please.  I thinks its a case of because I was told I shouldn't drink I want to have a drink now.  Hope you are all feeling well.

OK, I have to start by saying that it is always advisable to follow your doctors instructions when taking medications, and I am not encouraging you to go drinking, I shall just tell you my experiences.

I would often drink to excess while on Diamox (I was in my early 20s, what do you expect?!) and I found that it would take me a lot longer to get drunk, I was less likely to have a hangover the next day.  I believe that the diuretics caused the alcohol to pass straight through me!  I never had any adverse effects though.

If you do decide to have a couple of drinks, it's a good idea to make sure you drink plenty of water keep yourself hydrated and be sensible (unlike me :lol).

i have never really drank that much before the tablets diamox (and topamax) any way but
I have the occasional glass of wine (unfortuntaly can taste horrid like fizzy drinks) every now and again
usually I tend to be the designated driver !!!!.  I occasionally have a bailieys or JD  and coke

I can't see how one or 2 won't hurt just don't go mad? 

I don't think I have been told about not drinking on these???  sorry I'm not really sure.  I bet one or the more experiered peepson here knows :coolup
Have a great time anyway (you can always get great none alcoholic cocktails)

e.g. mix 1 bottle of bitter lemon, one bottle of orange and one bottle of pinapple.

Gemma x

I think it's different for everyone i found before i was diagnosed a drink really affected me so for me a drink now is not good. A trial run could be good at home so if you have any bad effects your are safe at home and it won't ruin your night out.

I like the idea for a trial run for having a drink :lol


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